Sunday, 12 October 2014

The 25 Awkward Stages Of Having A Workplace Crush

1.) When you spy them from across the office for the very first time

 photo gif_250x350_81bfda.gif

2.) You attempt, subtly, to find out their name and what they actually do there

 photo giphy4.gif

3.) You start making an obscene amount of effort with your appearance every morning, even though you already have to get up at 6am to get to work on time

 photo 136.gif

4.) You try (and fail) to catch their attention from across the room

 photo large.gif

5.) But confronted with the possibility of having to actually interact with them, you panic

 photo tumblr_mnbbjz2XpF1qdzs7mo1_500.gif

6.) So you resort to Googling them instead

 photo facebook-stalking-creul-intentions-gif.gif

7.) And arrange a conference with your friends to discuss everything you've discovered

 photo giphy3.gif

8.) Then one day you bump into them in the corridor and they smile...

 photo crush1.gif

9.) You find their contributions to team meetings endlessly fascinating

 photo thatssotruecom_44_1329512071.gif

10.) When they're out of the office, work becomes infinitely less interesting

 photo 4N2iveL.gif

11.) Then when they're back you have to try to conceal how pleased you are to see them

 photo giphy1.gif

12.) You prepare for their potential appearance at a work night out like this

 photo tumblr_inline_mt1vvhgMWe1qz4rgp.gif

13.) And decide to finally make your move...

 photo finally_getting_the_courage_to_tell_my_crush_i_like_her_she_rejected_me-77362.gif

14.) But success! They begin to acknowledge you in the office!

 photo when-my-crush-asks-me-about-homework-9126.gif

15.) When they reveal details about their life, you have to pretend that you haven't already read it on their Facebook page

 photo friends004.gif

16.) You may start to read too much into their actions

 photo tumblr_inline_mob459RYYO1rlpk9c.gif

17.) When you see a member of the opposite (or same, according to preference) sex talking to them in the staff kitchen

 photo Hell_to_the_no_mercedes.gif

18.) This person now becomes your sworn rival, whom you will never include in the tea round again

 photo Rachel_oh_hell_no.gif

19.) You begin to worry you might not be as subtle in your attentions as you'd hoped

 photo 13637120692030371873.gif

20.) Then one day they casually mention that they're seeing someone

 photo tumblr_lflyvmQSyy1qcp8nn.gif

21.) And you have to hide your disappointment

 photo whats-wrong-with-me-clueless.gif

22.) Now seeing them in the office makes you feel like this

 photo 2002.gif

23.) You get irrationally angry at the unfairness of it all

 photo tumblr_m8eolpAELM1r9uqax.gif

24.) And decide to give up on love forever

 photo gif_write_c18c48.gif

25.) But wait! Who's that new guy/girl...?

 photo Crush2.gif

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